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Wow it would seem I pulled the cork out of his bottle. The genie is now released and we get to see what he really wanted to be. Fortunately he didn’t end up like Samara in the ring. Although the gothic Lolita’s can really rock it at the right places. Keeps patting his back. “Oh please don’t worry. Trust me your not the first one I have encountered who felt they were born in the wrong body. Actually I should say the right body. Seeing as you only needed a few slight modification. Well trust me I can give you the full girl experience that you seek. Well not the plumbing but pretty close. Then and only then if you really want to.” Pauses ” Well lets just say with the proper medications and a little nip and tuck you can wash the old you right away. Unless you are really attached to that thing between your legs, standing up to pee. Men do have shorter lines in their bathrooms. You will never have to walk in one alone ever again. See the nice thing is when you dress like a girl and you know how to do all the things they do. You will never fear them again.” Sighing slightly it depends if he stays on their good side. Piss one off and you better sleep with one eye open.
“So now that the cat is out of the bag. As they say. I suppose I should have you sign this paper so I can continue properly
“I would need this signature if you truly want to experience working as a girl to see how much you can really enjoy passing off as a girl. This is what you want right? That’s it just sign on the line and then we can really get you ready. I know you want to right?”



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