Reply To: Derek arrives for help

 Chantay Blaise 

I feel the warmth of Picasso’s hand pressed against my aroused cock. I quickly glance around the lobby, which is now filled with gorgeous women, hoping no one notices. Picasso smiles as she gets a feel and then replies, “Of course Picasso know what’s what; that why she is therapist. It is Mister Derek that is still not on board, he agrees without acceptance, hai. You put responsibility on Picasso for wearing lipstick and not on yourself. You do not surrender but assert control with your ‘You know what’ beginning. But agreement is a start so we will proceed from there.”

Putting together a coherent thought is difficult with her hand on my “junk”, but somehow I clamor out my response. ” I…I will wear lipstick Picasso as you have recommended, but I am afraid that everyone here will laugh at me. Thank you for understanding…understanding that my agreeing to wear lipstick is a big step for me.”

I watch with anxiety as Picasso opens a tube of lipstick, applies a fresh coat to her lower lip, and then waves the tube of reddish-purple lipstick under my nose. My nostrils are filled with the sweet scent of the tube’s contents. Expecting her to apply the lipstick to my lips, my already aroused penis twitches forcefully, aroused even more. Thoughts begin to run through my mind: That lipstick…it smells so feminine…so heavenly. Get ready…she is about to paint your lips. No…No!…Stop! She is going to know! Picasso is gonna figure out my kinky little secret! My cock…it’s getting harder! I can’t stop it…she is going to figure it out….figure out I have a weird feminization thing. Please…No!

The “Eiffel Tower” in my pants is now very evident. I remain silent as Picasso continues to wave the lipstick under my nose, hoping she won’t notice my raging hard-on. Picasso then instructs me that she will not be giving my lips a makeover… one of the beautiful strangers in the room will. She points out three women in the lobby and informs me what she expects of me. I am instructed to choose one of the ladies and convince her to put her lipstick on me without mentioning my therapy.

Looking my three choices over for a moment, I soon decide on female#3. My reasoning  for selecting her…female #3 looks like a bimbo…bimbos are airheads and are more easy to convince. I take a moment to muster up some courage and then walk over to her.

smiling charmingly “Hello ma’am. My name is Derek…Derek Heath. May I ask a favor from you? I know it will sound a bit unusual, but I am compelled to ask nonetheless. I hope you won’t laugh at me for my request…but here it goes. Would you please apply some of your lipstick to my lips so mine can look as deliciously divine as yours? I know it sounds crazy, but if you agree to do so, perhaps I can do something to return the favor. What do you think? Do we have a deal ma’am?”

With anticipation, I wait for her reply.






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