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 sissy stacie 

         I find myself on a beautiful Island

A strong virile man has selected me to compete for his affections. He is masterful with his charms, so me and these other women have taken to simply calling him Master. Master may have selected many women to compete but none can stop me from winning my Masters affections.   Master explains to us that the Jungle is very treacherous and he connects us all together with chains so none of us get lost or separated from the group.

Master opens the large heavy doors to a very large room with a huge chair in the center. There are many more women already in this room, they are all naked and they are still clinging to the chains that Master used to safely lead them through the jungle. some are chained to the walls. silly skanks will do anything to gain favor with my Master! Oh well these dumb bitches do not have a chance to win my Masters attentions.

Master will choose me, Master is a man after my own heart, strong, confident, smart, and very powerful. Master and I will make a beautiful life together and send the rest of these bitches to be some Dykes sex slave. The heat rising between my thighs tells me that I am right, that I will be Masters one true Queen, we will have matching thrones of gold and rule this island country as a unified team.

     The Auditions start, Master looks intently into my eyes as he strides directly towards me. He stretches his hand out towards me, I reach out to take his hand but Master smacks my hand away and says: Wait your turn you over eager slut! All these skanks laugh their fake high shrill bimbo laughs as if that was the funniest thing they ever hear. Master stares around the room and all these ho’s shut up at once.

I look down with shame and embarrassment. Master grabs a handful of hair on the back of my head and says: OK slut if you are so eager to be my sex toy, let see how well you take dick! Master Brings me too a pink padded room with [ink padded floors and orders me to put on a jacket. I follow Masters command, he turns me around and helps me button up my first gift from Master. Master than Commands me to open my mouth as I do as my Master commands, Master inserts a rubber ball into my mouth and secures it to my head with straps and says: we wouldn’t want my sex toy to bite her own tongue off now would we? Master is so thoughtful.

Master then tosses me face down on a bed in the corner and grabs my waist with his strong powerful hands. Master inserts himself forcefully into  me causing an involuntary squeal. Master thrust into me with growing intensity and ever more powerful thrust’s. I let out a loud gutteral moan. Master smacks my ass! and says: so my new bitch likes it rough! I think you are going to find a place in my stable after all Bitch! I can always use a pain slut, You can be my 5th whore’s personal cum cleaner! you will lick my cum out of her twat and her ass when I move on to my sixth whore’s Ass!

Master is pleased with my performance and offers me a high honor in his presence. Master slams into me harder and what started out as painful  and then morphed into pleasurable, has turned again into an excruciating pain. But I can’t stop, I back up into Master harder as I need his praise and his favor. Finally Master stops his thrusting and I feel warmth filling my insides, I start to slip into a dream like state, but am suddenly pulled back into the moment as Master hoist me to my feet by grabbing a handful of hair with one hand and my painfully twisted arms with the other. Master turns to me before leaving me in this pink padded cell and say: Welcome to my stable whore, let see how eager you are after a month of eating my cum out of another sluts cunt! The cell door slams shut leaving me breathing hard and completely covered in cum and sweat in the darkened cell.


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