Reply To: Alex – New arrival

 Danielle Winter 

I take your face in my hands and look you straight in the eyes as I stroke your forehead, your cheeks and your chin.

“Oh my dearest Alexandra! Now I understand your extreme reactions, you were on alert al the time, weren’t you?

As far as I noticed you are here to be educated to act more amicable in your relationships with the women in your life. That’s what you are here for, in my opinion.

There are surely more than only one way to achieve that goal. But I’m sure, Miss Manu used her insight of your brain examination to find a way that will work reliable. But she didn’t tell me, so I can only guess.

It’s often said, that the positive enhancement of the wanted behaviour is much better than the punishment of the unwanted behaviour. As far as I know, that counts for the education of children as well as for the education of dogs. It’s possible, that Miss Manu orients her efforts with your education on this principle too. Did you hear her phone call, as we left her office? They talked about you Alexandra and as far as I remember; Miss Manu got angry and refused to send data and video material about you to them. I’m not sure but I noticed  a change in her behaviour against you after your examination. You should ask her on our next date with her, in two days, ok?

This whole place centers around the acquisition of sissies and their improvement through beautification and education. When we join the LiL Academy, we will met teachers and superiors much more strict than Miss Manu and the kind gentleman, Mr. Lore. I’m pretty sure, there you will get enough punishement, most of it undeserved. At least that is my experience. But most of our sissy fellows are really nice and cute, just like Trish from the drugstore. You look so cute, Alexandra, you will find friends much more easily than I could.”

I decide to be honest with you, I owe you the truth because I made you the woman you are now. “Yes, probably you will have to do things you don’t like. Sometimes we will be ordered to service our superiors in different, sometimes strange ways. But I asked Miss Manu to announce everybody that I will do the task, until you feel ready for it. That could include easy oral services and but some humiliating stuff too. I cannot foresee the future. But as long as we are BFF, we will stuck together and I will give you as much shelter as I can.

But I want your promise, you wouldn’t interrupt me the next time I start service any superior. Even if you are frightened to death, you will stay calm and observe closely and learn. Ok Alexandra?”

I take you in my arms and hold you in a close embrace until I feel that you are ready to head to the store again.


I may be shy and lack your beauty - but I´m soo lewd and love my duty . . .

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