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Miss Jenny’s compliment make me blush a little bit. I get used to be called sexy and lovely and I like it.

“Let me give you a special gift”

She locks a collar with my new name around my neck. And the other side describes my new status: Property of Miss Jenny.
Before I can say anything, Miss Jenny orders lola to bend me over and lower my panties.
I can get a glimpse of this additional present. The heart is cute, but it is attached to a but plug, which goes straight into my hole!

This is the first time I have something in my but. Another new experience and I don’t think it is the last time.

With my panties back in place I curtsy to thank my Mistress.

She sits down, naked from the waist down and says:

“It’s time you service your Mistress Yvonne. One of your important tasks is pleasuring me. Better do a good job.”

It feels weird but also surprisingly right.

I curtsy, get down on my knees and crawl to Miss Jenny.

I can smell her and I slowly begin to lick her pussy. My newly pierced tongue helps me to give her the pleasure she deserves.
Soon she starts to moan, which encourages me to do my best. I really want to do a good job!

Miss Jenny is now really excited, she grabs my hear and I lick harder to drive her closer to climax.

Finally, I can feel her nearing orgasm and with a ecstatic moan she comes hard.

Kneeling between her legs I look up to her and wait until she composes herself.

I hope she is satisfied.



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