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I sit there on my knees still half strapped in the the delivery case, eyes wide and beady with panic as the words set in to my future life and what is going to happen to me. My mind is in termoil spinning around and jumping alover the place.

I hear my new Mistress speak again and snaps me out of the nightmare daydream I was starting to fall in to.. “I’m sure you can figure out why ruby… The color of your new skin… your new body.. I’m certainly not calling you Rubby…

I try to nod my head but the strict posture collar stops me from doing so so I revert to Blinking once

Mistress continues ..

I’m sure you old Mistress fucked you in the ass regularly… Guess where I’m going to fuck you?

My mind starts going back in to over load again and the panic hits me as Mistress places her finger on my forehead and informs me that she will fuck me here in the brain and “Mind fuck” me .

This pushes me over the edge and panic sets deeply in my whole body shakes with anger trying to break free of my bonds. I try to scream abuse to the so called Mistress in front of me but all that comes out from behind the phallus gag forced deep in my mouth is:.. “uckkkkk ouuuui ishhh” 

As I bite down on the gag try in to speak it forces more of the syrum from the gaging device into my mouth and down my throat. I try to figure out what the taste is but instantly it start to take effect and relaxes me. My body becomes all floaty and I settle back down in to the restraints that are holding me tight, somehow I fall back in to the submissiveness of subspace again and I just stare at my beautiful Mistress standing there in front of me. She smiles as she sees me go back in to subspace.

I gently try to speak again “Weeesseee Wissresss” 

I realise it’s no good as I try to beg Mistress to release the gag so I revert to fluttering my eyes at her hoping she will start to release me  from the device deep in my throat.


as you sit there for some reason I keep repeating in my head as a type of mantra “I am slave Ruby and I belong to Mistress Dyvia” 

My subconscious mind is taking over I feel my self losing control to my new Mistress I keep trying to figure out how to get out of this and the only way maybes is to try and build up trust with Mistress Dyvia and as soo as she tries to change me in to the new read outfit to try and make a break for it!






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