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 Danielle Winter 

Seeing Trish servicing Alexandra awakes some memories and I feel my old affection for her again. She was so lewd, only the memory of the things we did, things she did, makes me blush deeply. It would be so nice to renew something like this, but not now.

Furthermore knowing Trish well, I am not sure, to whom she would tend more. Her greedy looks at Alexandra are telltale.

Eventually Trish decided, she had tortured Alexandra enough. With a final move of her fingers around Alexandras princess plug she gathers most of the liquid between Alexandras cheeks and put her fingers into her mouth.

Hm, I know this taste. It was you Danielle, am I right? You made this beauty a woman. I wish I could have seen this.”

“Thank you Miss, that feels much better, I think that will do perfectly well now and we really should be getting along now.”

“In case you need some help or guidance Alexandra, you know where you will find me. Bye bye, Danielle!”

I feel the urge to explain everything to Alexandra, “We had some intensive encounters and Trish is a real wonderful friend. You would like her too, Alexandra. She liked you very much, oh yes, I can tell you that. I bet, if I would have let you alone with her, she would have try to seduce you. She is very much into tall and flat chested women like you.

But I sense, that you are worried about something. What is wrong, do you want to tell me? Let’s talk while we head to the outfit store. I hope we soon will find someone to help us with everything.”


I may be shy and lack your beauty - but I´m soo lewd and love my duty . . .

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