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I thought I would enjoy being in the tub with these two girls. Louise quickly lost most of her clothes and even started playing with both Mary’s pussy and my breasts, but then an awful smell entered my nose and I saw some of the bubbles turn a strange color.

“What the fuck, LOUISE! Are you kidding me? This is gross!”

I quickly crawled out of the tub and ushered Mary to do the same. “What the hell do you think you are doing Louise? Don’t you have any shame?!”

As I pull the plug of the tub my eye rests on the enema set. If there ever was a time to use it, it was now.

“On your hands and knees, Louise. If you behave like such a dirtbag, I better treat you like one and get you cleaned up.”

“Mary! Help me do this. Hold this little slut down while I do this.”

Mary already had taken a towel and wrapped it around herself. She is quick to understand what I have in mind though, probably because it’s a free pass for her now, and jumps onto Louise forcing her down in the tub on hands and knees. I am surprised how fast and efficient she is in forcing Louise. She could be a good wrestler.

Within seconds Mary has Louise pinned down exactly in the way I want her. Just like a dog, ass pointing up. Now I just need to give her a tail. From beside the tub I pull down Louise’s bikini bottom and then grab her ass cheeks.

As I look at her bottom I am amazed how smooth tight it looks. Wow! A thought flashes through my mind wondering if I look as good as she does. Slowly I spread her cheeks apart. The soapy water makes it look even nicer, all shiny and glistening.

Almost instinctively one of my fingers starts playing with her little rosebud. It is so soft…

Mary re positions herself so that she is straddling her back like a reverse cowgirl. She looks as curious as I am. I give her a wink and she quickly acts to it by reaching for Louise’s hole as well. Of course Louise is resisting but with the two of us she has no chance of freeing herself.

I look up at the filled enema bag and all the plugs and tubes.

“Well Louise, what’s it gonna be? A Bardex or one of the plugs?”

Both Mary and I let a finger slide inside her and start to finger her. The soap has made her so smooth that I barely feel resistance.

“Hmm, I suppose the Bardex is the best option, you are already so open. Have you played with toys so much, or did you receive some male flesh in there, you little slut?”

Playing with her ass like this makes me remember some of the hot porn movies I saw of guys doing anal. O, if I only had my cock available, I definitely…

OOC: perhaps one more round before someone comes in?



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