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Stroking her skin and talking  I wait for Sissy Monika to wake up and recognize herself in the mirror above.

You look at your picture – surprised, fascinated and scared. Dani and I decided, that it would be easier for you to accept your new appearance, whether you would be allowed to discover everything with your own hands.

“Yes Sissy Monika, you are allowed to touch yourself. Every woman has the duty to get to know her body very closely. But the next time, you ask me beforehand for permission!” I slap your face a little, without causing any pain, only to get your attention on this point and to make it easier for you, to keep that in mind.

As you notice your bald head I see a startled look on your face. “The loss of your hair was a minimum requirement from Thomas, before he ever could consent to allow you to live together with Andrea and him their household. He wrote, he don’t feel like being remembered to your former male appearance all the time. So a big change of your hairstyle was essential. It will grow back, if Andrea and Thomas want it to. But our beautification squadron made some really beautiful wigs for you to wear, if you earned it. Ok, Sissy Monika?

Yes and we had to make your face as feminine as possible, without any surgery for now. So you needed some piercings, but look, how cute your face now is. There is almost nothing left from your old maleness. Isn’t that exciting, my dear sissy?”

Your hands roam over your body, your breasts and down between your thighs.

“Your boobs are only glued on, but when Andrea and Thomas agree to further proceed and accompany your development, you will get real ones, full and adorable and high sensitive to the slightest touch. Wouldn’t that be nice from your superior and her new significant other?

You don’t have to be worried, sissy monika. The both of them agreed on this point, they wanted you to look beautiful and adorable and we do our best to fulfill the wishes of our customers.”

“Miss Manu… What did you do to me? This is not permanent, is it? I can’t go to work like this and my wife and me – we are dependend on my job and my money… “

“Oh, no Sissy Monika, you don’t have to worry about your job and your money anymore. Your task for the next time is, to get accustomed to your new role in life and your duties in your household and in your changed relationship.

That leads us to our next main point. You need to train your service skills to meet the requirements Andrea and Thomas asked for. We will start with something you surely already know and like. At first you will train your oral skills at servicing women. You will stop touching yourself immediately and I restrain your hands to the bed. You need to concentrate on me, my reactions on your lips and tongue and my orders. I will sit above your face and you will wear a blindfold, because you have to earn the right to look at my nether regions. Did you understand everything, my little one?”

I fasten the shackles around your wrists and tie the black blindfold over your eyes. Waiting for any sign for an answer I mount the sitting attachment onto the bed.

Then I open the locks of Sissy Maid Lolas SissyLink™ belt. Soon I will mount your face and your lips will meet mine, I wait a little bit longer to give you the last chance to speak to me.

“Is everything alright, my little sissy Monika? Shall we start your training?”

To sissy Maid Lola: “Sissy Lola, you are allowed now to fuck and yourself and ride your staunch Silicon Lover, you should give him a name. So you have something to cry and moan from time to time. But remember, only endless edging and inform me and Miss Dani, before you are about to cum. Maybe you earned yourself a ruined one.”

  • This reply was modified 5 months, 1 week ago by  Manu.
  • This reply was modified 5 months, 1 week ago by  Manu.
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