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Yvonne has selected a very sexy maid dress and the heels make her move her hips and beautiful bottom. Nobody would say she is a man, or was a man *giggles.

We go back to Miss jenny’s room and she is waiting for us.

Knowing what is expected from her, she lowers her eyes and dips a deep curtsey.

“Miss Jenny, how can I be of service?”

I curtsey too.

“You look really sexy and lovely, Yvonne. We will have great times together. Let me give you a special gift.”

She goes to Yvonne and shows her a collar.

This collar says in one side your new name, Yvonne, and in the other Property of Miss Jenny. Let me put it on your nice neck and lock it. You can´t remove it until I do it. 

lola, bend her over and lower her panties.

I bend her over, her hands on her knees, panties at knee level and presenting her lovely bottom. Miss Jenny takes a special piece of jewellery and carefully it is put in place.

It’s a little butt plug with a lovely heart

Then Miss Jenny lowers her panties, sit down presenting her lovely cunt and says:

“It’s time you service your Mistress Yvonne. One of your important tasks is pleasuring me. Better do a good job.”



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  • This reply was modified 5 months, 1 week ago by  lola.
  • This reply was modified 5 months, 1 week ago by  lola.


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