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Something important is happening!
While lola brings a box, Miss Jenny gives me an order.

“stand up Yvonne and remove your silk robe, separate your legs and arms crossed behind your back.”

Like in trance I follow her orders. I don’t know if I do not resist because I’m so exhausted or because the drug is still working.

Anyway, I stand there naked and lola opens the box and I can see a chastity device identical to the one lola is wearing.
Still unable to move she puts it on me but doesn’t lock it.

Miss Jenny wants to do it herself and with a laugh I hear the click which seals my fate!
Her voice is far away and I hardly pay attention to her describing the functions and possibilities of the belt.
I wore a chastity belt before, but this one is much more elaborate. I won’t get out of it without help and Miss Jenny makes clear that she will keep me in it for the foreseeable future.

She owns me now and I am at her mercy.

I get back to reality when I feel lola implanting the chip with the gun and hear Miss Jenny telling me that one of its features is tracking me per GPS. With this thing sending information to my sissy-link, I don’t have any privacy left.

1984 was a fairy-tale compared to this!

And finally, to show everyone that I’m just an owned sissy, they tattoo the logo of The Corporation on my body.
I can’t move during this humiliating process, but again tears are running down my cheek.

“I have a gift for you because you have behaved so well. In the next room you will find lots of sissy maid dresses.”

In my former life, I got a bonus when I have done well at work.
Now it’s dresses and lingerie. What a change!

Without a word, I follow lola to the next room. As promised it is full of maids dresses.
There are all styles of dresses in all possible and impossible colors.

Lola gives me a tissue so I can dry my tears and tries to cheer me up.

“I know you like this dresses and you will look wonderful in one of them. Make the best out of your situation and enjoy it”

I give her a reluctant smile, sigh and dive into my new world.

I start with the lingerie: Waist cincher, bra, panties and stockings. And as always, they are all pink.

The lingerie feels different. Before I had fake breasts and a tiny but manly body.
Now my breasts fill the cups of the bra and the waist cincher hugs my feminine forms.
It feels great.

With some more enthusiasm I look for the dress.

I opt for a black french maid dress, with double layered short skirt and with ruffles and a bow at the decollete.
If you have such lovely breasts, you should pack them nicely!

A pair of open toed high heels complete the ensemble.

Happy with my selection I return to lola and together we go back to Miss Jenny.

From her predatory smile I can see that she likes what she sees.
I’m only one step away from being her submissive sissy maid.

Knowing what is expected from me, I lower my eyes and dip a deep curtsey.

“Miss Jenny, how can I be of service?”




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