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I am so distracted by playing with Mary’s hot body that Louise’s words startle me a bit, even though I told her to join us. Slightly irritated for the interruption I react.

“No, I don’t know Nooky, and yes it’s clear she is a man eater. Perhaps even literally. But now I am a patron here so what I say goes! Now get that ass of yours into the bath immediately. I will deal with this Nooky bitch when it is time.”

I reach out to Louise, grab her wrist and pull her into the bath. I expected that she would held her ground but either I pulled too hard or she moved with me, result was that she fell into the tub, bath beads and all.

For a moment all three of us wrestle to keep our heads above water, which with all the slippery soap gets us all tangled up into each other like in some wrestle match. The tension breaks up immediately into one big giggle.

Louise pushes me down, I pull on Mary’s legs and Mary dives headfirst towards into Louise’s crotch.

Water splashes everywhere and bubbles of foam flutter through the air!



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