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I shake my head snapping out of my day dream realising that I haven’t answered my new Mistress when she sternly tells me she needs and answer when asked a question I instantly “blink once”

Mistress then starts to walk across the room towards something covered by a white sheet

Mistress then pulls the sheet of and I gasp in to the gag seeing the stunningly beautiful femal latex outfit I instantly get hard imagining Mistress wearing the outfit

Mistress then burst my bubble setting instant panic down on me as she starts to in form me that the suit will eventually be my new skin and the new me. I start to attempt to shake my head left to right to say No way!

My eyes grow wider noticing the extreme ballet boots, the breast pockets, the restricting collar and from the distance I’m not sure if I can see eye holes or not? I start to blink twice over and over repeating…


Mistress states at me sternly with a ver not inmpressed look on her face and I stop the blinking ASAP.

she then speaks… “I’ll not be calling you ‘Rubber slave’ any more that is still what you are.. but who you are will be ‘Ruby the slave’

I stare towards Mistress then the mannequin as the realisation at some point very soon it will be me in that suit. Maybes it’s just the female shape of the mannequin that makes the suit look like it has giant breasts? I calm down realising this part but the ballet boots how on earth will I be able to walk in then they will be so painful the whole outfit will be so restricting, and there will be no way on earth it will fit my body size it’s too small. Then somthing comes to mind the name ‘Ruby’ is a female name no? I instantly look back to Mistress standing there towering over me. I have a pleading look in my eyes trying to plead to Mistress about this new skin she saying will be mine.


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