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Now is an important moment for Yvonne. Miss Jenny give me a sign and I bring a box.

Miss Jenny says: stand up Yvonne and remove your silk robe, separate your legs and arms crossed behind your back.”

Meanwhile I open the box and extract a sissy-link chastity belt.

I go to her and I don´t have any problem to put in on her and leave it ready to be closed. I look at Miss Jenny and she comes and laughs in front of Yvonne as she closes it. “From now your little clittie is under my control. The sissy-link is configuring now and will need around five minutes. After that time is ready to keep you aroused and horny  but can control that you don´t have an orgasm and that you will be frustrated. Every sissy here wears one. You will discover that it has a lot of functionalities and features and that a dom can control it with a mobile app and the password.”

I have taken the chip gun, go behind Yvonne and with th chipgun I implant a chip on Yvonne.

“The chip has several functions: GPS functions, we can know where you are, trying to escape is a bad idea, the second is getting information from you and sent it to your sissy-link to help it in its functions.”

The sissy-link is working until we hear a beep. The configuration has finished and the sissy-link is ready for Yvonne.

“Now you will be tattooed with the logo of the Corporation. It will be small and located under your neck.”

A woman comes in, make sit down Yvonne on a chair and begins the tattoo. She needs some time but finally it is ready.

“I have a gift for you because you have behaved so well. In the next room you will find lots of sissy maid dresses. You can select the one you want and has to include:

  • underwear (bra, panties, garter belt and stockings
  • waist cincher
  • sissy maid dress
  • pinafore and cap
  • high heeled shoes

“lola will help you and I wait here to see what you have selected.”

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  • This reply was modified 5 months, 1 week ago by  lola.


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