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When I sit there crying, lola comes over and comforts me.

“Oh Yvonne, you look great, so beautiful and feminine. Let me help to dress you and we go to change the incorrect haircut you have.”

I’m still confused because of all this changes. Will a new haircut calm me down?
It is like going shopping to overcome some frustrations.

But when I feel the silk robe on my new body, I again can’t suppress a soft moan.
The silk feels so nice on my skin, especially on my new curves.
My confusion is oppressed by the new signals I get from my body.

Again in high heels, we go to a beautification room. It’s like at my normal hairdresser, but I can’t see myself in a mirror.
The hairdresser compliments my hair and says that she will change my male haircut. The first step will by dyeing my hair. She also says that I will have to grow my hair, so the last visible sign of me being male will be removed.
I can’t argue, with this body I need a feminine haircut.

In addition to doing my hair she also gets me a full makeup. When she presents me my new look, everything fits together perfectly!
My new face, the makeup, the hair, I can’t help but I like it. I look beautiful!

“Thank you Miss, I like my new look. I wouldn’t recognize myself”

I look to lola and Miss Jenny. They are very pleased with my appearance and my reaction.

Miss Jenny tells me more about her plans and I don’t like everything I hear.

“You really look gorgeous Yvonne. Nobody would say you were a man. I can wait the face of my lover when I tell him that you will give him the blowjobs he wants, oh yes, he wants a lot and your mouth and pierced tongue will give me pleasure. But first you have to be trained as a maid and you have to excel in other important tasks”

When I look at her in her sexy and dominant leather outfit, I can imagine that serving her will not be so bad. She is a beautiful woman. I don’t know why I didn’t start a relationship with her.

But imagining myself giving a blowjob to another man!

I tremble. Is this my future? Being a cock sucking sissy maid for Miss Jenny and her lover?
I learned before that arguing doesn’t help. How can I alter my fate?
And what are the other “important tasks”?

“How long will I be at The corporation?”

Maybe the time here gives me the opportunity to steer my live in a slightly other direction.



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