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I sit there still a little nervously hoping this is still some prank. All of a sudden I feel a finger touch my left eye and removed the contact lens then the other. Instantly I close my eyes tightly as the bright light burns them.

Slowly they adjust to the light and in front of me I see the mystery person. I figure of beauty but most definitely not My former Mistress.

She is adsolutly stunning her shortish stature at just 5’1 ish, With bright red hair and penetrating green eyes.  She is thin, but looks with confidence, and her smile makes me less at ease than one would expect. The tight latex dress she wears shows every curve to her body. Then I notice her perfect breasts I almost start drooling but all of a sudden I’m broken away from my staring as she asks a question….


“I am Dyvia.  You will address me as ‘Mistress Dyvia,’ when I choose to give you your voice.  understand?”

I stare straight at her a little dumbfounded and decided to go along with the prank and “blink once”

She then pulls down a large screen in front of me and presses the play button on the remote it starts…

The video starts to play and you watch through it all of a sudden panic sets in and and tears fill my eyes as I see Mistress remove the bracket linking your relationship me it’s never been removed before. I should be happy as it means I could be free now but still feels as if my heart has been crushed tears fall down my face. All of a sudden all hopes are crushed as Mistress explains that I have been sold to a new Mistress and she will take the bracelet! It ends the feeling of panic takes over again as the red headed beauty opens a box and takes out the braclet I try to shake my head signaling no but it’s too late she has put it on and the bond is sealed I’m now her slave against my will once again it’s like de-Ja-vu but with a different person. I sit there just starring at her beauty but scared stiff at the same time.

She then speaks and asks another question…

And now… I own you…  Do you recognize and accept that?”  Not that it really matters in the long run, but informed consent is nice.

I’m in a daze and the question don’t register and don’t even realise to answer the question or even blink I just sit there staring in to her eyes again dumbfounded that all this has happened so quick and is so real all hopes of escape have been taken away again.



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