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As soon as Mary sees the enema set she gets very nervous which makes me rethink my approach. Perhaps I should work on her a bit slower. No need to get her all worked up about this. Besides this, the bath looks nice and slippery.

I hang up the enema bag on a rail, close by, just in case, and loose my dress and shoes.

Smiling at Mary I carefully step into the tub with her. “Well Mary, just relax. My name is Be…”

Well I can’t call myself Ben now, can I? But before I know it I already present myself as “…Bethany”. I bite my lip. Where did I come up with this? It sounds silly but hey, it at least is more appropriate to the way I look now.

I lower myself deeper into the water and splash a bit around with the foam that is forming on the surface. “I’m new here too, you know. No reason to worry.”

Slowly I let my body slide against hers. They do know how to pick them, she is so smooth and soft, really cute. One of my hands starts sliding over her back while the other one softly caresses her tight belly. My lips approach her neck and softly kisses her.

“You are very pretty, Mary. Have you ever been with another girl?”

As I speak the words I realize how silly it sounds. Only a few hours ago I never would have thought of myself as a girl, but here I am naked in a bath with a girl pretending being a lesbian.

“We are all good girls here so don’t worry. Good girls help to clean other good girls. C’mon Louise, I need your help with cleaning this girl …”

I laugh, no, I giggle and press myself closer to Mary, not giving her a chance to push me away. Slippery soapy water sliding in between us. My hands slide down to her butt and between her legs while my lips start nibbling on her earlobe, kissing her face and slowly approaching her lips.

OOC: This is really weird, there is a different picture which I uploaded.

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  • This reply was modified 5 months, 1 week ago by  Bethany.


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