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 Chantay Blaise 

I am shocked when suddenly, Picasso delivers a firm slap to my left cheek. I glance at her seeking an explanation. She immediately obliges with a very assertive tone, chastising me for referring to her as “my dear” during my previous reply. Before I am able to utter a word in my defense, Picasso gives me her initial assessment, and it isn’t very flattering.


My face turns red with anger as she firmly asserts that I am a dick and in need of serious therapy. I am tempted to jump up, voice my outrage, and leave. Why not? Picasso has just assaulted me and insulted me. Only I can’t..I promised Camy I would get through therapy no matter how difficult it becomes. I take a few deep breaths, inhaling through my nostrils hoping a good whiff of Picasso’s wonderful perfume will have a calming affect upon me.


It becomes apparent to me that my initial comments came across as arrogant and insulting. I mean, I did tell her I didn’t feel like I needed therapy. How stupid could I be! Picasso has agreed to help me and I insult her by telling her I don’t need to be here. Geez..I have upset her to the point that her Asian accent is overiding her English…making it more difficult to understand what she is saying. Be polite…let the lady finish and make this right by her.


Picasso takes a brief moment, seeming to calm down a bit. I feel a little better when the soft, sweet tone returns to her voice. My head is now slumped after her excoriation, ahamed that I have offended her so. She then places her hand under my chin so that her big, buxom chest is the focal point of my vision, stirring my arousal once again. She then presses my chin upward so that her full, luscious lips are visible to me as she speaks.


At this point, she begins to explain therapy rules. As she speaks and I look at her red coated lips and into her big, beautiful eyes, it feels almost hypnotic. Picasso explains the rules to me and then waits for my acknowledgement.

“Yes…no touching for me. I understand. I also agree not to try and hide my erections…even though it is my natural tendency to do so.”


Picasso then questions why I dismiss the idea of wearing lipstick so quickly, suggesting that I think it is beneath me as a man and in doing so…treat women as if they are inferior. She moves on to suggest that wearing lipstick would be a good first step for me in my therapy.


” I never thought of it like that Ma’am. Wearing lipstick is something guys don’t do. I dismiss the notion of wearing lipstick because I would look silly. Everyone would laugh at me. I guess I am afraid of being ridiculed. Disrespecting women is not my intention honestly. You do have a point though…my dick ain’t gonna fall off if I put some on. You know what?…You are the trained therapist and if you say it is a good first step in my therapy…then okay…I will wear some lipstick right here right now.”


Without realizing it, my dick gets rock hard and stands at full attention under my trousers.








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