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Miss Jenny puts a mirror in front of me.

At first I’m looking at the floor, then I start to look up.

I always had dainty feet, nothing changed so far.
My my toenails are still painted, so they will again look lovely in high heels.

My legs definitely have a womanly shape. It is not a huge change, but I recognize it.

They will look good in some nice stockings.
I’m thinking like a sissy again! This is so confusing.

Now comes the big one. My bottom is huge compared to before the transformation.

My hips has been increased, too!
I would love this view, if it was not me I am looking at.
Moving my hands over my curves I can feel they are a part of my body. No implants. Everything is real.
It feels so good! I know it shouldn’t, but my skin is really sensitive.
How would a pair of silky panties feel over my new booty?

My belly also changed a little bit. I neither had a beer gut, nor did I have six-pack before.
Now it is simply feminine.

But my attention is drawn to my breast. Huge c-cup breasts.

Again I would like to see them on a woman. But they stick to my chest.
I touch them! They are so sensitive. I take the pierced nipples between my fingers.
I cannot help but moan. The feeling is overwhelming.

While I’m playing with my new breasts, I finally look at my face.

I hardly recognize me. My eyes are the same but my eyebrows have changed. They are thinner.
Together with my now delicate cheeks, my eyes look also different.
I have a cute snub nose, it is much smaller then before.
With my now small chin, I look like a makeup model.
It is a beautiful face. A face of a woman, with some hints of Jim in it.

I take a step back to admire my whole body.




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