Reply To: Rubberslaves introduction to the Corporation…


I take in what is being said and come to the decision that the is all some kind of prank or joke set by Mistress to fuck with my mind and mess it up with mind games so I “Blink once” trying to put this person with the stern voice knowing the video probably isn’t real or is just made up fake recording to mess with my head more.


Before I get chance of this video she asks another question….

You are very strong and masculine judging by the tone of your muscles, Have you worked hard for the Physique?”

I smile behind the fat thinking this anonymous person is taking a liking to me I then “blink once “

she wuickly follows with another question…

are you proud of it”

again I smile in to the phallus gag in my out stretch mouth and again “blink once” signalling another yes.


no the next question is asked…

”Are you going to behave if I help you sit up and, take of your contact lens and play the video?”


i poner on the question for about 20seconds before deciding to “blink once” wanting to be able to see who the mystery voice belongs to and what sort of a prank this is as I imagine when I open my eyes that Mistress and the Mystery person are playing one big joke !

And what on earth do they mean by sponsor ? Is this some charity event? I getting more and more confused the more I try to figure it out


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