Reply To: A Fitting Alternative to Prison

 sissy stacie 

Another mincing sissy sashays her ass in and starts applying paint to my face even using a spray paint. I want to break out of these restraints and kick these sissy bitches asses but the restraints are too strong. Mrs Dyvia says this gunk will last for 48-60 hours and I will need a special cream to take it off! Mrs Dyvia nods again and tells this sissy bitch to apply real make up in a slutty way!

Have your fun now because when I get out of here I am gonna make all you bitches pay! I am going to make sure all you sissies are castrated and as for you Mrs Dyvia, there will be a Rubber Padded room in your future, but don’t worry. I know the Doctor and he will allow me to make conjugal visits. I can’t wait to jack hammer that tight sexy ass of yours while you are in a straight jacket.

      Now Mrs Dyvia calls in another simpering little sissy powder puff! Apparently she wants Delilah to do my hair. 

   Don’t you dare mess with my locks you crazy bitches. It took a long time to grow my hair down to my shoulder blades and keep it look neat while still defining my masculinity. 

I struggle even harder to break my bonds, but I am only wearing myself out. I have to conserve my strength. the moment they let me out of this chair, I am going to kick some sissy bitches asses!


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