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I’m thinking how much pink can you get in one room? I enter and look around in amazement, is this real or am I in some kind of girls dream. It even smells pink in here! Louise seems as amazed as I am, it’s a first for her too.

The Mary looks even more amazed, or is she scared?

“Gawd there’s a closet of adult sized girl clothes, a changing table with powders, and the door to the bathroom over there. What it doesn’t seem to have is an open window to clear the air which is getting a little bit ripe, dontcha think?”

“Yeah, right! They really should open a window” I step up to Louise who is browsing through the filled closet. As I watch all the dresses, my eye falls onto a big box of toys at the bottom of the closet. Besides some dolls and teddybears I also see some toys of a more mature nature. I quickly pull my dress a bit down as I even see a big black dildo. It seems my horniness tries to pop up again. Fuck, what is happening to me… I definitely need to cool down.

“Well, now we are here, we might as well get our doll dressed up. Why don’t you pick out something nice and sexy for her. Then I will get her into the bathroom and get her cleaned up. We don’t want to get her new outfit all dirty and sweaty.”

I pull our Mary into the bathroom where I get another shock. Is this for real!?

After I push Mary into the tub and let the water run I step up to one of the closets looking for some soap. I am shocked to see some professional looking enema equipment. Plugs, bags, even a couple of bardex stuff. I had seen a porn once where it was used and somehow it looked quite exciting.

I see Mary lower herself into the water. Hmm, quite a nice ass. I wonder how it would look with a tube sticking out… or how about two asses with each having a tube sticking out? I select two bardex tubes and leave the plugs alone. They just seem too big for what I have in mind.

“O, Louise!!! When you finish selecting a dress come in here and join us in the bath!”

I start preparing the bag and connect the two tubes to it…


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