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This whole place is totally crazy. One moment I’m trembling on my legs, hoovering against an orgasm that never comes, the next moment I’m being laughed at by yet another hot girl that entered the room. I feel slightly embarrassed and manage to push Evelyn’s hands away from me. Shaken by how intense it was I  put my dress right and try to listen what Evelyn is telling me.

Again I hear the name Nooky. I remember she was kind of a hot shot here, dealing with Korean girls. And as it seems some very cute ones as well. Hmm, that in combination with a playroom sounds nice. I would love to feel up this so called Mary.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I know I have to be careful though. Things might look nice and easy but things can change just as easy in this crazy corporation.

Nevertheless I step up to ‘Mary’ and give her butt a soft squeeze. She looks back with a shocked smile. “Don’t worry, Mary, shall we visit this nice playroom?”

I see she doesn’t understand a word I’m saying. Well, I suppose I’ll use another kind of language then.

I let my hand slide over her back, pulling along her sweater. “Just take this off and let’s go to this playroom” I whisper softly as I push her towards the room. “Louise, do you want to join us?”

I look back at Evelyn who seems to be dealing with Keiko. “That’s all Evelyn, you can get back to work.” She is too much to handle for me. Besides that, both her and Keiko are too obedient towards the corporation. Louise and Mary are more or less in the same mess as I am, maybe they can be of use to get out of this place.

But then again… maybe after I have played with them a little bit.

As I step into the room I am in total awe. What kind of a place is this?



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