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 Adam Lore 

”Miss Bobber struggles with manners and politeness I am afraid, she thinks she is in a position to demand answers. She will require some extra special nurturing to fulfil her true potential. But I am sure you expected nothing less.”

“Yes, Mr. Curry it appears, she feels kind of maltreated, hmm? Maybe we should give Miss Bobbers little brain something to chew on, possibly it enhances her manners, at least a little.” Sighing,  “The breeding of sissies requires abundance of patience and often enough, it progresses with only the tiniest steps.  

But it’s worth a try. So Miss Bobber, although you consider yourself a PhD in natural sciences, you seem to be definite slow-witted. On the other hand the could clarify, why you started to cheat.

I stumbled upon your case Miss Bobber, while looking for a young scientist to hire as an expert in environmental matters. Some big potential investors, mostly international investmendfonds, asked our management, to make at least minimal efforts to integrate environmental aspects in our corporate policy. So, reading some doctoral thesis it was yours, that attracted my attention. This one.” I move over to her and show her the binder and its content.

“It caught my attention because of a certain amount of thoughts and conclusions I already knew, knew from elsewhere. I talked with some close friends, well informed ones on ecology matters and found out, you probably cheated, Miss Bobber.

I corresponded with your doctoral adivisor, PhD. Alex Green and with your co-writer Miss Alice Cooper. A deeper analysis of your ‘work’ showed, you stole Miss Coopers research indeed. The parts of your thesis, you didn’t take from her, you mostly parrot other scientist, without quoting. At all, your thesis contents almost nothing new, and surely no results of your own research and thinking. It’s plagiarism!”

My phone rings and I answer.

“Hello! – Yes, Dr. Lore speaking. – Ah, Dr. Green. – And what are the results of the university council session? – Deprivation of the Doctoral. Fine, just as I guessed. – Oh, you are deliberating to control his bachelor and master thesis too? – Actually, I don’t think that would be necessary. – Thanks for calling! Bye Dr. Green.”

I wander around the room and continue, “So Miss Bobber, normally I wouldn’t invest my time in a case like yours, a cheating wannabe scientist. But, the matter of environment protection is too important, it’s the major project of our time and our generation. And guys like you discredit every – other – true – scientist and our goal to do our best to save our world for the coming generations. And that makes me so very upset.”

Stopping behind you I take the binder with your thesis and smash it over your cheeks, 5, 10, 15 times on each. I’m a little angry and glad that I didn’t have a cane at hand.

That leads me to your second question, “What do I want from you. I want you to learn through experience, what it means to get robbed of your uttermost personal belongings. Because that’s what you did, you stole the thoughts and work of others. I want you to learn to be a fair and caring human being, generous to others and true to yourself. After reaching this goal, we surely will find something to match your scientific ambitions. We are opening soon a professorship for ‘studies on the modern man and the effects of enforced and prolonged virtue’, maybe you will start some real research for your own.”

I go over to the desk and rummage in the drawers, looking for a certain item, without success. I only find a joke substitute, anyway it will prove my point. “At first I take this away from you. This opening doesn’t belong to you anymore, Miss Bobber.” Stepping behind you I spit onto your rosebud and force the big plug into you. The tail wasn’t part of my plan, but it’s a nice hint for everyone around you, that you are accostumed to being filled.

Eventually you will earn yourself another one, maybe.

The answer to your third question is, “We will get away with it, because we can and you cannot do anything against it. Probably you will learn to like it, the signs are obvious. Your clitty were so proudly erected whilst Jewels made you bobbing on her fingers. Oh my . . . four finger at your first try, Miss Bobber. It seems you are a natural.”

I open the application on my computer with the records of the surveillance camera.

“Did you see that Mr. Curry, come here and have a look.”

“And Miss Bobbers clitty didn’t calm down as you stood completely naked before Mr. Curry and she remained hard as he kissed you. And she showed a definite reaction, throbbing and wetting a little, as Mr. Curry made his internal examination. These signs are hardly to ignore. Don’t you agree Mr. Curry?”

To the other impressive man in this room, “Mr. Curry, lets carry her over to the gynecological bed. We don’t have all day and there is so much to do.”

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