Reply To: Derek arrives for help

 Chantay Blaise 

As I wait for assistance in the lavishly decorated lobby, I get a whiff of a sweet, alluring fragrance. I close my eyes momentarily and inhale the wonderful scent with my nostrils. When I open my eyes, I see a fair skinned beauty in a squatted position before me. She gazes at me with her big, beautiful eyes and remains silent for a few seconds. I can’t help but notice how beautiful her features are. Her pinkish hair looks as soft as woven silk and her perfect lips are coated with a deep red lipstick. Her skin has no imperfections whatsoever.

My stare quickly moves from the face of the lovely young lady down to her very large bosoms. Fearing that she might think I am gawking at her enormous chest, I look to her face once again. In a sweet and soft voice, which possesses a slight Asian accent,  she asks if I am Derek and seeks confirmation that Camy is my sponsor. She then introduces herself and informs me that my therapy will begin immediately.

With a boyish grin I reply, “You are correct on both counts my dear. Yes..I am Derek and Camy is my sponsor. So very nice to meet you Picasso. What a lovely name you have might I add? So my therapy begins now you say? Okay..I suppose I am ready as I will ever be. So..where do we begin?”

I notice Picasso looking me over, almost as if she is analyzing every feature of my face and body. Once again, my nostrils are permeated with the intoxicating smell of Picasso’s perfume. As stimulating as her scent is, I become even more aroused as she runs her hand along my thigh. I clasp my hands together and hold them over my groin in an effort to hide my aroused state. Picasso then arrives at a question for me; she asks if I have ever worn lipstick in public before.

Her inquiry takes me by surprise because frankly, I would have never expected her to ask such an awkward question. I sit there for a moment with a nervous smile as I try to figure out why she asked it. I take a brief moment to ponder. Where did that come from? What is she trying to get at? Camy must have told her..told Picasso about how she caught me in bed witb the stripper wearing the stripper’s bra and G-string. Why..why did she have to reveal that? That’s why Picasso is asking me about wearing lipstick..she must think I am a crossdresser or something. How embarrassing! I was crazy drunk. I don’t remember a thing that happened that night. Perhaps I am panicking for no reason. Maybe Camy only revealed that she and I thought it would be in the best interests of our relationship if I got some therapy. I only agreed to this because I don’t want to lose her. I know she felt betrayed, but I was drunk.

After collecting my thoughts for a brief moment, I reply, “No my dear. I have never worn lipstick in public or even in private. Might I add..I am here for therapy because Camy thinks I need it. Not to sound like a jerk, but I don’t think I need it. She told me if I didn’t get help, she would be done with me. I was very drunk when she caught me with the stripper. I’m sure she told you all about it. So if you are trying to infer that I am a lipstick wearing ‘girly boy’ because Camy caught me wearing women’s undies lying in bed with a stripper, you are making a false assumption I can assure you. Sorry if it sounds like a rant, but I just had to get that off my chest. No disrespect intended toward you my dear.”

While attempting to make my point, I inattentively unclasp my hands which are covering my groin and outstretch my arms along the top of the sofa. thus revealing my aroused state.




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