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My question if she did this often was serious but Evelyn uses it to put both me and Louise in our place. Neither me or Louise are man or woman now, just impotent boys who are made to perform for girls. Our cunts are fake and cannot result in orgasm, we are only getting horny resulting in hopeless frustration.

As I keep pushing my cunt onto Keiko’s face I slowly start to realize what that means. However good she licks me, I only feel waves of pure horniness pass through my body. Every time I think I am almost there it feels like I am only adding excitement, not being able to find any kind of release. She talks about I should get excited by the scent of female arousal but I am not sure if this is really happening, it might be because at the moment I am reaching an almost uncontrollable horniness.

And, it looks like the same is happening to Louise as well. Her eagerness to please Evelyn’s pussy borders on pure perversion. Her face is glistening with her juices and she even goes so far to chew on the tissue that was used to clean Evelyn’s crotch. And all the time she keeps rubbing her own cunt like crazy.

I start to feel a bit insecure. What if all this is true and I will be entertainment for some real girls and practically become a sex slave to them.

Despite her cuffs Keiko somehow managed to reach her own pussy with her fingers and started playing with it. Her aroma enters my nostrils and I instinctively press Keiko’s face harder against my fake pussy.

“ooOoOooOO FUCK… mmmnnh…” I moan in excitement while Louise grabs a few cups of water from the cooler.

“So would you like to hear about the amenities here Patron or not? You are very pretty you know; better than Louise clearly. I’m sure some man will …. I’m sorry: Amenities or I have to supervise Miss Luzette’s room cleaning you know.”

As I moan my “Yes mmnnaaah… please” I realize she put in the word ‘man’. A shiver runs down my spine. No, they wouldn’t…would they? There are only girls here… are there?

My eyes roll in my head as I feel fingers enter both my pussy and my asshole. My hips start to rock and ride the fingers. Fuck, I am acting like some horny slut and I can’t seem to stop…Am I still here?

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