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The last words I here are from Miss Jenny.

“Yes Yvonne, you will be a nice and beautiful sissy maid for me.”

Then I feel the nurse touching my arm, a sting and I fall asleep.

“Welcome back, Yvonne. How do you feel?”

I’m not sitting in my chair. I’m lying on a kind of bed, but cannot move my arms or legs.

They have bound me to this bed! And I am naked!
The light is glaring, but I can see lola, Miss Jenny and the nurses. They are looking down at me. All are smiling.

Again I try to move, and something feels unfamiliar.  There is a weight on my chest!
But I’m naked, there is no bra with breast forms!
I look done at me and I see breasts! Big breasts!

They have done it! The transformation!
I struggle, want to get free.

“What have you done to me?!”

Actually I know what they have done. They told me before.
But I cannot accept it.

When I move I can feel that my breasts are not the only thing they changed.

My bottom feels different, fuller.

I calm down, my mind begins to work.
They said my body would be changed to female. They gave me a female figure.
I can feel my breasts, bottom and hips. Did they change anything else?

“Reverse this, now!”

I’m not in the position to make them do anything.

My body feels different.
In fact, my face tingles. I can’t touch it. Will I recognize myself in the mirror?

They still say nothing.

“Are you happy now?”




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