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“Yes Yvonne, you will be a nice and beautiful sissy maid for me.”

The nurse puts her the sedative with the syringe and Yvonne falls asleep. I stand up from her lap and put my clothes again. The 2 nurses sit down Yvonne on the wheelchair and they go to the medical room. They lay Yvonne on a special bed, completely naked. She doesn’t need hair removal because she did it before.

Straps hold her wrists and ankles in place and then the medical team brings the surgical robot and it begins to work on her tits. The R&D department has created synthetic grease and that machine is creating Yvonne’s breasts. It will need several hours but the results will be perfect. Miss Jenny has select beautiful C cup tits for her.

Next the machine is positioned to work on her bottom, hips and belly. Another several hours and her bottom and hips are female.

The medical robot is retired and a second robot, this one with lasers is working on Yvonne’s face and skin.

Finally Yvonne has a beautiful and real female body.

She continues tied on the bed but she begins to awaken. Miss Jenny and me are present and the nurses too.

“Welcome back, Yvonne. How do you feel?”




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