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In the hallway Evelyn declines my offer to join us with reasons that are clearly put on her by the corporation. It seems they not only manage to change guys into girls, but are also able to indoctrinate them with all kinds of guidelines. It’s a pity, I would have loved to play around with her.

Nevertheless she let’s us into a comfortable room she seems very familiar with and takes charge over Louise. She quickly obeys by getting out the so called queening chair. Just looking at how she does this, with her legs stretched and bottom sticking out seductively gives me a shiver of excitement.

Evelyn goes on by taking of her panties and taking a seat on the strange chair. As in a trance Louise obeys her and takes her place underneath her. Within seconds there is nothing else she can do but lick her pussy and ass.

I just look on in amazement. What kind of corporation has these kind of chairs available and why do maids know how to use them? It all seems so naturally to them. And looking at how enthusiastically Louise uses her tongue on Evelyn she seems used to this activity as well. Evelyn even takes out her phone and starts tapping it!

I look at Keiko who doesn’t blink an eye at everything that is going on. She probably is used to this as well.

My fingers are playing with my pussy again and I decide it’s time for Keiko to get her tongue to work as well. I grab her by the shoulder and push her down on her knees. Without wasting even a word, I push her face against my pussy, not really caring if she can get me off or not. I’m simply using her face instead of my fingers.

I hold her head with two hands, directing her lips and nose to where it feels the best. All the time I’m closely watching Louise and Evelyn. She said this was a punishment for Louise but it sure doesn’t look like it.

“So, Evelyn, is this something you do often? Letting another girl eat you out like this?”

I push Keiko’s face even harder against my pussy, not really paying attention to her grunts and growls. She may not like it, it still feels kind of nice.



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