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As we step back and look at lola strapped and secured in place on her impaler, Manu suggests “What do you say, Dani, shall we put a gag in lolas mouth? Communication will be difficult for lola and I would like to hear her while she fucks herself so very much.”   I answer  “No I think we should leave her ungagged and listen as she fucks herself or we tease her as well.  Besides monika might like to listen to a trained sissy maids squeals of delight at the hands of her two Mistress’s.

lola is placed into position near monika and and Manu controls lola’s sissy link.  lola is allowed to experience arousal but under no circumstance is she allowed to orgasm.  I move to monika and begin to stroke her hair.  I pull back her sheet and we see her female form that has taken shape.

Her breastsforms and vaginal gaff have adhered very well and she looks lovely.  I say to Manu “I think that we need to test this creation and see if she can truly become a cuckold sissy for Andrea and Thomas.  she does look very feminine laying here, but her mind may be still very masculine.  she must prove her worth.”  

I lean into Manu and give her a hug of joy and as I feel her gorgeous body, my I feel an urgent rush to kiss her deeply and passionately.

But I hold back and say “Is she ready Manu?  Should We now proceed to sissify and fully feminise monika as Andrea and Thomas have asked?’

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