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Lola comes over to me and sits down.

It is hard be mad at someone so sexy and who is sitting on your lap, naked.

Again I remember being together with her, how her naked body felt against mine.

“Is not easy to assimilate all what Miss Jenny has told to you. There are important changes that will affect your life, but I really think that internally you really want it and you are too scared to accept it now.”

Important changes indeed. This will turn my whole live inside out.
Do I want this? Until now, she gently pushed me in this direction and I didn’t really resist.
But the next step is a huge one!

“You are touching my breast and you can touch my bottom. They don´t feel like real, they are real.”

Yes they feel real and natural. Feeling the same on me would be, I don’t know, nice.
And I understand that this really is a transformation, not a plastic surgery.

Lola recaps my progress from yesterday until now.
There were some changes which where unpleasant at that time, but in retrospect I’m happy about them.
Will the next step be the same?

“Your next step is accepting the true and accepting yourself: you are a sissy and you are lucky that Miss Jenny is your sponsor. She is lovely and you will love being her sissy.

I don’t know the truth!
Do lola know what I experience, because she was in a similar situation? Should I trust her?
She always seemed to like her new status.
And Miss Jenny was always nice to me.

Maybe I like the thought of being her sissy. This is a strange idea.

Lola puts my other hand on her bottom and I enjoy every moment now. She takes a pair of pills and I can smell oranges.
She puts three pills in my mouth and expecting a wonderful taste I bite them.

My mouth is full of cum! The taste is so intense! I can even smell it!

At the same moment, two sexy nurses enter the room with a wheelchair.

“Don´t worry dear, is only to keep you calm. OMG, what had you in that mouth? You have sucked at least 6 cocks, you naughty.”

My face is deep red. Before I can answer, Miss Jenny says.

“Yes, she will suck lots of cocks after her transformation, won’t you naughty sissy?”

She took me by surprise, I can only stammer.

“Do you really want me to do this?”



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