Reply To: A Fitting Alternative to Prison

 sissy stacie 

Mrs Dyvia nods her head and 2 walking Redwood Trees approach. I have no choice but to sit in the chair. The 2 guards then secure me into this chair by strapping my hands and feet to the chair and securing my head to the head rest with another strap. another fluffy little mincing sissy slinks up to me and starts the piercing process. first she pierces my ears! I am stunned by how many piercings.

Then I see this ring between 2 leather straps descend down in front of my face, before I can react the sissy pinches my nose and forces me to open my mouth to breath. one of the tree sized guards forces the ring into my mouth and secures the straps behind my head. Next this little sissy bitch pierces my tongue Twice! Then she says: OMG this will look wonderful with a little more color! she then pulls out a tube of lipstick and starts to paint my lips. this fucking cunt.

The guard then removes the ring thing from my mouth. I want to get out of this chair now that my tongue was pierced, so I ask for the restraints to be removed but this little sissy panzy just laughs! and says: Not so fast little lady! we are not done yet!

   Pissed off and in pain from the tongue piercing I respond, What the fuck are you talking about you pierced my ears and my tongue, just like Mrs Dyvia said!
Then this little sissy trollop replies with: Yeah but now it time for your nipples! this fucking he/she starts to pinch and massage my nipples. I start to scream: There is no fucking wa…….. But the guard stops my rant by forcing that god damn ring in my mouth! I try to talk but everything comes out garbled. yyo gdd dem muthr fker! 
With no way to stop her the god damn little twink pierces both my nipples!

But these fucking twisted psycho’s don’t stop with my nipples!

yyyu gd dem muthr fkers!

I struggle with all my might but the guards just keep making crude comments about tapping my sexy ass and the little sissy bitch sits back admiring her work and then she says: This is some of my best work, I hope her sponsor will be pleased. Then this little sissy whore turns to Mrs Dyvia and asks: would you like me to pierce any thing else on her Mrs?





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