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Working at the salon at M&R HQ is always a mixed bag of emotions. Being in this room always brings back a few humiliating memories of my first time here, and every time I come here, the belt is always on due to it being in field trip mode, but at least I can dress more comfortably than at the academy, and I get the occasional moment to myself, which is all but unheard of at school. Today I’m wearing a tight-fitting blue/gray cotton top and black jean miniskirt. The skirt is still a bit to short for my tastes, but I’ve long since learned that my preferences aren’t that important.

I’m bending over one of the counters, reading through the file on the newest victim of M&R policy, a new gurl now to be known as Ellie West, when I hear the doors open. I stand up straight and see the new gurl walk in, followed by Mistress Brandy. I take a few moments to size Ellie up. She already looks pretty girlish, even without my help, it also looks like she didn’t bother to put her pants back on after the “interview”. I sigh inwardly as I notice that she is already wearing a pair of panties. Brandy must have this one wrapped around her finger if she’s already in panties.

As Brandy and Ellie walk towards me, I put on a kind smile and curtsy to Brandy saying, “Hello Mistress, I hope you are having a pleasant day”. I then turn to you and say, “And you must be Ellie, right? My name is Rachel Morningwud, I’m going to be helping you to get pretty today. I’m going to need to see what I’m working with, so if you could please remove the rest of your clothes, we can get started”.

As you undress, I look back to Brandy and have a quick whispered conversation to confirm the specifications of the transformation. While you can’t hear the full conversation, you do hear a few small bits including, “shoulder length”, “C-cup”, and “and will you be wanting your panties back mistress?


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