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My playful attitude immediately gets nipped in the but. Clearly Keiko doesn’t really appreciate it. I seem to have overplayed my cards. She simply pulls out a taser or something and shoves it right under my balls. For what seems like minutes she electrocutes my balls making me scream.

“What the fuck…AAHHHHSSHIIITT, You BITCH!”

The pain surges throughout my body making it shake and tremble involuntary and only ends as she pulls it back. By then I lay on the floor as a heap of flesh, desperately holding onto my cock and balls.

Only then some of the other girls help me up and put me on one of the chairs. For only a short moment I think these girls are here to help me as I sniff there feminine perfume all around me. It was only a moment and soon I feel them click metal bracelets around my wrists and ankles securely locking me to the chair, hands above me, legs spread.

“Hey, wait, what are you doing?! Stop this!”

About six girls surround me, the rest looking on in amusement and Keiko standing near my feet. The way she stands and looks at me, arms crossed, legs slightly spread and with a smile on her face, makes it all to obvious she has only started.

I pull on the bracelets which only tightens them. These thing may be cheap and simple, but they still do a good job in completely immobilizing me.

“Ok, ok. You made your point! You have me pinned down, so, what’s next? Am I getting the lipstick treatment?”

I feel playfully rebellious because they chose the cheating way to get me down. But still, I am more or less in a situation I wanted; on my back, surrounded by several hot girls in bikini. There is a good possibility things might still get close and personal.

On the other hand, I better play it cool. If she used that taser once, she might use it again.


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