Reply To: Kazuko the hypnosissy (Brandy Wiles and Kazuko)

 Brandy Wiles 

The door opens up to us and we are greeted by a light scent of of flowers, the lighting of the room was a cool and tranquil soft white. Through the open doorway the woman looks perfectly framed, as if a piece of art had come to life. There was a soothing euphony To the sound of her voice and every move she made seemed draw your attention, as if she was guiding your eyes with a hidden string.


“Oh Brandy, It’s been such a long time since you have brought anyone here. This is Kazuko correct? ”

Her eyes glide over your figure, though she’s facing you, it almost looks like she is looking through you. Gleaming at something only she could see and it brought a smirk to her face.

“I see that her sponsor has requested this session, but I was kind of hoping you were bringing her by for her bad behavior. I’ve been reviewing her tapes since you put in for the visit. *tch*”

Even though she was displeased with you, her every move seemed to envelop you further into the tiny details. Her hair, the color, the way her blouse tugs and pulls over her figure.

“I think I can do something with her.”


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