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Hearing the conversation between carol and Soonam makes me realize I have given the wrong impression. I’m maybe not a think-with-his-dick kind of guy but I’m certainly not a sissy-boy!

As Soonam opens the door to the pool area…they seem to have pass cards for everywhere at this place… I slowly follow her. In the tinted glass of the door I see my own image. Hmm, quite a nice butt but I also see the ridiculous bra of the bikini. Without the padding it looks like a guy with a bra and that looks ridiculous! And that lipstick! What the hell was I thinking?

I quickly move my underarm over my mouth in an attempt to get rid of the lipstick. Damn, it doesn’t really get of easy. Again I move my arm along my lips, this time using some spit. This will have to do.

As we walk onto the deck I see the heads of the girls turn in my direction. Some of them smile nice, others smile because they are amused by how I look and a few look at me almost with disgust.

I look around and try to appear as masculine as I can, standing straight, pulling my shoulders back. In the corner of my eye I see a pile of folded towels. I quickly reach out and pull one of and throw it over my shoulders. At least the bra won’t be so apparent now.

I stand beside Soonam as manly as I can, looking at a smorgasbord of sexy girls around the pool. “Wow, this is a really nice pool. So, is it ok if I mingle a bit?”

I lick my lipps, they still taste like strawberry, and pull a bit on my bikini shorts where my member desperately tries to get hard.

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