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“Stacey, your outfit is great on you and fits perfectly. Let me take all your locks and I want you naked. 

Lola come her. I want you naked too. I have to receive a visit now and I can´t be for you. Lola, we have pending your outfit. We will deal with that later. I want that you go with Clara and Lea through that door, where we have our play room. Go now, you are in good hands.”

Clara and Lea take one of us by the arm and we go to the room.

Clara goes to a desk and opens 2 shoes boxes. They have 2 pairs of ankle boots, one in red and one in pink. But what scares me are the impressive 6″ stiletto heels with no platform. Wearing them some time would be terrible!

Clara says: “lola, for you the pink ones with the locks. For you Stacey, the red ones, they are really beautiful.”

We put on the ankle boots and they are terrible. We are almost standing on tiptoe. They are not ballet boots but the step before. Lea put me the locks.

Lea says: “Go to the pole, put yourself in front of the pole and the pole in the middle of you.”

Clara comes with some cuffs. She places a cuff in each ankle, and then locks me right ankle cuff with Stacey’s left ankle cuff, no chain, cuffs locked directly with each one. And they repeat the same procedure with our other ankle cuffs. And finally each cuff is chained to the pole with a very short chain.

I can´t move my left foot if Stacey don´t move here right foot and our foot are almost connected with the pole. Moving our foot is complicated and that makes we have to stand in those extreme high heels almost without moving.

Clara an Lea take some belts and they belt us together to the pole under the knees, over the knees and at the thighs. For our waist they take a very wide belt that is belted at one side, and they belted it very tight. At each of our backs is a ring and from each of the rings have two chains with a cuff each at the middle of the chain. Our wrists are put in that cuffs. My arms rounding Stacey and cuffed to the cuffs at her back. And the end of these chains are cuffed to the pole. Stacey has her hands like me but at my back. In other words, our hands are place over the others bottom, and the only thing we can do is massage or caress our bottoms.

Then Lea and Clara put some nipple clamps on each of our nipples, connected with very short chains and then they belt us under and over the breasts.

“We leave a moment, wait for us, don’t leave”

There we are, tied to this pole in a very intimate way. Our sissy links are working in arousal mode. I say to Stacey: “These heels are killing me, this sissy link is getting me crazy, our breast are touching with our nipples on fire, and I like to carretees your new brand bottom. You are so pretty  Stacey.”  I bend My head at one side of the pole, face to face, this wonderful lips coated with her lipstick and her arousal, and I begin to give her a kiss, a very passionate kiss. I open my eyes and can see hers and then I introduce my tongue in hers looking for her tongue.

At this moment Clara and Lea are back. “Look Clara, I think they are no wasting their time.”

“Yes Lea, you are right. Maybe be should let them there more time *giggles. Look sissies. Lea and me thought that you have to remember that we are your superiors: first we are female and second we have a status and you didn´t refer to us with the correct treatment. Now you will stay here for a while but we want to have us present in your stay. 

We will put you a gag, a special gag. Is called a double mouth gag.

As you can see, is a ball gag, filled with holes and has two straps, one for each of you, That means you will share ball gag, your lips will touch in an endless kiss and your drool will mix through the ball gag holes. 

But before placing the gag on you, we have another gift for you. During several days, four to be exactly, Lea and me have been wearing the same panties. Our pussies wet easily and we have been wearing vaginal eggs inside us. Apart from that, we are wearing leather pants and that makes us sweat a lot. In fact we have gone now to replace our panties and we had to use gloves to do it, so soaked are they in sweat and our pussy juices, and they have a seductive smell.”

Clara places behind me and Lea behind Stacey. Our heads are pulled back, are nose pinched to force us to breath through the mouth and open it. Clara rub her panties over Stacey’s lips and under her nose and then she stuffs her soaked panties in my mouth, pressing them inside me with her gloved hands. And Lea do the same rubbing her soaked panties over my lips and under my nose and then he stuffs them in Stacey’s mouth.

Clara takes the double mouth gag, press the ball inside my mouth. She put my head in front of Staceys head, and both of they take the gag straps and force them until the last hole. They are really tight, forcing the ball deep on us, forcing our lips to touch, our noses side by side smelling our breath and Clara’s juices in my mouth and Lea’s juices in Stacey’s mouth. And I begin to caress Stacey’s bottom.

“The final touch, I have started the BFF mode in your sissy links but I have put it in variable distance mode. That means that if our chastity belts are not closed enough, you will be shocked and if you are close enough they will get you really horny, aroused and frustrated. But don’t worry, you can always think and taste us *giggles.






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