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“You have problems with the bra. Don´t worry I help you. In the few days you will do the basic sissy training that will deal with all the sissy task that are done usually by females: dressing in female clothes and underwear, make up, walking on heels, behaving as a woman and not as a macho, these kind of things.

They look beautiful on you, Stacey. Now you can put these seamed stockings. It’s important that you put them perfect, that the seams are straight and that the tops are at the same level. And you have a matching garter belt.

Meanwhile I continue licking the boots and now I start to suck her heels. I feel so good under her boots. Clara and Lea look gorgeous in her leather outfits

I change position and I suck Claras heels and I notice Lea’s hand behind my head making me suck the heel as it were a cock. At the same time I feel her other hand caressing my caned bottom. I like the way she is doing and the sissy link is working its magic.

“Put these shoes on. They are the official shoes for sissy maid trainees. They look nice on you. And the final touch, they have to be locked. No possibility to take them off without the key.”

And then She comes with a big box and shows me a wonderful black pvc sissy maid dress.

The dress has a matching white maids cap and white pinafore.

“Put it on, Stacey. Let me help you with the back zip and now the lock, yes it will stay on until the lock is open. The maid cap, perfect and the final touch is the white pinafore, tied at the back with a nice shaped bow.”



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