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“Sissy Stacey, that should you make to think how to behave in front a superior. I have been magnanimous with your punishment because it was your first time but don´t be tempted by luck. And you have now a beautiful reddish ass.

Now I want both of you completely naked. You lola because you are not dressing with the sissy maid uniform and you Stacey because you have to dress. Lola, you will be dressed later, meanwhile I don´t want you naked. You can use Stacey’s dress and mules. Your caned ass will be displayed wonderful. Clara and Lea, you can control lola’s sissylink to keep her entertain and during her waiting she can kneel and lick your boots clean. There you have two chairs.”

I take Stacey’s dress and put it on

and then I kneel and crawl to Clara’s boots and start to lick.

[Note: Stacey can stand without heels because her tendons were not shorten. She received and injection in the anlkles that gave her pain when staying but now the effecthas disappeared.]

Mistress Katie comes with a box and opens it

“It’s time you begin to dress properly. as a sissy maid. Put your bra and panties.”

Meanwhile Clara and Lea are playing with our sissy link controls getting us crazy.


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