Reply To: Stacey's Beautification


Stacey thanks me and then, surprisingly she decides to repair her lipstick after staining the cup.

“You really are becoming a sissy, Stacey, look yourself retouching your lips and I see you like your arousal *giggles”

Meanwhile Miss Sara has sat in front of Stacey’s feet and do her the pedicure and when she finishes, she paints the toenails. Sghe does a great job with that dark red color.

“Do you like them, sissy?”

“Stacey, we will put you the black contact lenses because Miss Sara has to work with your finger nails and I want you to see the result after she has finished. There is nothing better to see the surprise look from a sissy when she sees for her first time her nails painted.”

Miss Sara puts over a piece of wood an straps at a wrist level, over the hand and for each individual finger.

“Before I work on your nails, I have strapped your hands and fingers for two reasons: One is that I can work without your fingers moving, and second, to have you with no idea what I will do to them because you can´t move the fingers and what will be the result. I can tell you that you will love your finger nails.” and she puts the contact lenses.

And then Miss Sara begins to do the manicure and work with Stacey’s nails.

“Stacey, your beautification is almost finished. What do you expect your finger nails will be?” Tell me before we take your contact lenses and you can see your sissy nails.”



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