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Soonam doesn’t make things easy by remarking how many guys oogle at her magnificent tits. Of course I look at them, seeing them wiggle like you’d expect from double Z tits. For a moment I think of what would happen if the thin string holding them together would be snapped. It indeed would be something I could have done.

Carol still seems nice, making a remark about how pretty I look. It makes me even more insecure. A girl telling you look nice wearing a polka dot bikini doesn’t really confirm your masculinity. And neither does the mention that I blew my load in them twice already. She must think I’m a sissy or something, not a potential partner.

And now Soonam is even telling me to ask for Carol’s lipstick. Without waiting for me Carol grabs her bag and picks out a lipstick and hands it to me. “O, you definitely need some to accentuate those lips. You do want to look pretty for everyone at the pool, don’t you? Here you are, keep it, it might come in handy, you never know what these lips might end up kissing”

She also puts a small mirror on the desk. “Here you are, you can put it on yourself, can you?”

“You better get hem to the pool fast, Soonam. I can see on my monitor things are really boiling up in his panties <giggle>”

Both Soonam and Carol are waiting and looking at me to put on the lipstick. “Hurry up now, the other girls are waiting!”

My hands tremble a bit as I bring the lipstick to my face, slightly hoping someone would appear and telling me this is all some big joke. It indeed would be the kind of joke Josh and Jeremy would concoct.

I look around for a second, I don’t see them behind any pillars. Slowly and carefully I bring the lipstick to my lips. I immediately taste and smell the strawberry scent that emerges from the small pink stick.

Carefully looking in the mirror I apply some more, I don’t want to look like a clown. Almost like a natural I pout my lips before giving it a nice shine with a lick of my tongue. A pleasant tingle spreads over my lips which seem a bit bigger as well.

I turn to Carol and Soonam smiling as if I was looking for their approval. Is this really me?


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