Reply To: Ben jumps the fence


My embarrassment grows with every second that passes. These girls are clearly very open about sexuality, at least much more than I am. The blush on my face and neckline is practically there to stay.

It also seems they are deliberately misunderstanding my suggestions, it’s that, or maybe my suggestions are more than my brain can handle. My simple suggestion of more padding gets translated into me wanting to have real tits! Are they playing or are they for real?

I giggle along with them, not really taking them all to serious. Well, at least until the moment I wet my panties. Things turned when Greta took my hand with my cummies all over them and licked the jizz off.

Sure, I had seen porn movies where girls did that, but to actually see a girl do it right in front of me?! Another stream of jizz filled my panties, again I reached down and scooped it up with my fingers. I held it up to my nose and quickly turned away from it. I just couldn’t believe someone could actually like that stuff.

Still very much embarrassed I listen to Greta’s suggestions.

“…Greta know, Soonam know and soon, all girls at pool will know, huh. You, Mister Ben are going out to the pool just as you are and be companion to our girls…”

“…giving them a thrill is part of being their companion…”

“Soonam, take our panty-soaked sweetie outside while Greta here changes her knickers. Maybe Ben can wash for me later: He was interested in being maid and wearing Greta uniform, remember?”

I can’t believe what I’m hearing. Are they actually going to take me to the pool dressed as I am now? Wearing a skimpy bikini, with soaked panties, but still very much a man in a ladies bathingsuit!?

How humiliating can this get? I can almost hear the girls laugh already. And what does she mean with staff? Are these also girls? What if there are also guys out there?

I can almost feel the tension rise in my body…

But Soonam already took me by the hand, not giving me any chance to think more about what could happen. Before I realize this is really going to happen I waved at Greta and followed Soonam into the hallway. O my, we are walking straight up to the lobby, Carol’s workplace and probably still crowded with people.

“No wait…I…”

But I already see Carol’s head turning in my way. For a moment I look straight into her beautiful blue eyes, realizing she has no problem recognizing me… her professional smile slowly changing…

I desperately try to hide my male body in bikini behind my free arm but it has no use. O, fuck, this is so humiliating!

“Please, Soonam…” I whimper softly to her.


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