Reply To: Alex – New arrival


“What is this place, that fucking freak grabbed me by the balls! I’ll call the cops, weirdos like that shouldn’t be allowed out in public! What kind of place is this that allows things like that to happen to innocent people going about their business?”

I enter the room, my stage. And the play we perform is: “Alex decision!”.  You are yelling and shouting, threaten us with the police, allways the same, so lame. You stop your flow of nonsense at the moment I come in sight. Always the same, so lame.

I know, I am very short but I am sure that I got your uttermost attention.

I walk through my office and sit down behind my desk.

“Mr. Fraser, beforehand I recommend to you to calm down, VERY FAST. I’ve got my pets in the other room and I do not want them to get nervous. Neither you want that. They were mistreated as pups very  bad by some stupid men and it seems I cannot make them forget it. It is my advise to you, to not raise your voice in my presence. You should avoid everything, that forces the appearance of danger for my person. You must avoid to look taller, bigger or strengther than me.

We’ve got important things to discuss, important for you, not me. Did you know that the presence of pets has the lovely ability to calm people down, even if they tend to rage? Come on, Hannibal, Lecter, Dexter. [Three dobermans run through the open door and lay down in plain sight of Alex. They growl at him, but with a friendly “silence” from me, they keep still.]

Let’s come to your mentioned business. Your business has changed, period. Your life has changed, long before you entered our entrance. I guess, you didn’t know you were fired by your boss. The police interrogates her to the subject of molestation by you in 10 cases, 2 cases of sexual violation by you (using alcohol or KO-drops) and 5 cases of attempted rape by you. She induced an internal investigation and came finally to the conclusion to get rid off you. She told me, it was the happiest day in years for all your coworkers. Oh she send me a picture of the celebration: ´Mr. Frasers last day!´

Your business at the moment is, to avoid getting imprisoned. Your boss convinced the victims within your old company to keep quiet, to prevent bad press. Anyway, they convinced them with money, I guess, and the promise to make sure, that you will never ever be a thread to any woman or coworker. And this is our business.

That is your situation so far. If you leave my office without any agreement about a minimal inhabitation of 3 months, I call your former boss, she calls the police,  . . . get the picture? I guess, being manhandled in an elevator by an attractive sissy, could be the best sexual experience for you for a long time. Do you have any questions so far? If not, I will show your your options.”



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