Reply To: Stacey's Beautification


The next step that has to endure Stacey in her beautification are the piercings. She will need her ears pierced.

Miss Sara takes a piercing machine, applies it on Stacey’s left ear lob and press the trigger. Then she takes the earring and puts it on.

She repeats the process with the right ear.

“They look nicely on you and they make you more feminine. You will love them.

I want you to open your mouth and stick your tongue out. With that pair of tweezers with a hole at its tip I will hold your tongue and keeping it out and with that needle I will pierce your tongue.”

“Now that the needle has pierced your tongue, I will put the piercing piece through your tongue and I screw the ball. Nice and in place.”

I let her look the piercing at the mirror.

“You will find it’s strange at the beginning but you will really love it when  giving blowjobs. The men will get crazy with your pierced tongue, your mouth and your beautiful feminine look.”

And I say: “And you will blowjob, deepthroat and swallow a lot, sissy slut. You can be sure (giggles)”


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