Reply To: Alex – New arrival

 Danielle Winter 

You follow my lead and start a monologue. Do you really think, this flush of words appeals to me in any way and would lead you into my pants?

 “I can’t get why you’re so uptight honey, you need to chill out & enjoy life. Maybe we can go for a drink later & I’ll help you relax, I mean this training stuff is just corporate bull, isn’t it? I don’t need any training so might as well have a bit of fun while I’m here, what do you say, up for some fun?”

We enter the elevator and I press the number 13.

Then I turn around and press you against the opposite wall, as if to lean into a kiss. With my right hand I fondle at your front to open your fly, my left caresses your head.

Your member awakes from his rest of Sleeping Beauty and you go all in to grab my pussy. I don’t protest and wait for your moment of cognition. You stop within an instant and try to get away from me. Within a blink of an eye I grab your balls and a wrist full of your black hair. I clench my left wrist tight and pull you down by your ballbag.

I look into the widened green eyes below me and hiss at you: “Are you scared of me little man? Maybe you should now. You managed to make a kind and calm person like me into your personal nightmare, within only 5 minutes. You’ve got talent, but in a very abhorrent skill. If I’m up to some fun, I choose my mates with care. And you would not be on that list!”

We arrive the 13th story. I lose the grip on your hair but your balls are mine for now. I ignore your howls and pull you after me to the door of Miss Manus office.

A knock, a short “Come in” and we enter the room.

I lead you to a chair before her desk and make you sit down.

At least you didn’t tell me anymore, you don’t need some training. But it’s not hindsight I guess, more a matter of priorities.


I may be shy and lack your beauty - but I´m soo lewd and love my duty . . .



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