Reply To: Stacey's Beautification


I like the hair that has Stacey. It really enhances her face. Meanwhile I entertain her with the sissy link and her friend in the ass. That is making her feeling more sissy.

Miss Sara demonstrates that the wig is like real hair and Stacey will feel like she had real hair. Then Miss Sara proceeds to make-up Stacey.

“I will apply your make-up as instructed. In the next days you will learn to apply it by yourself but today I will do it. First I will put some make-up in your face. That will give you some color. Because you don´t have eyebrows, I will paint them. Let me see, beautiful.

Next your beautiful eyes. I will enhance them. I take the black eye liner and I paint a line over your eye and under your eye. Brownish eye shadow in your eyelids and over it and between your eye browns and your eye lids. And then, gradually from the middle from your eyelid to the outside it becomes more dark and finally blacishk. They look really wonderful. 

And to finish your eyes nothing better that these long fake eyelashes, I glue them on your eyes and the touch of mascara. Let me see, they look fantastic.”

Next your lips. I will use a pink colour.  But first let me scrub your lips.”  Then she puts her finger in my chastity belt and looks for leakage and wets the finger tip. It is applied over Stacey’s lips. It’s called arousal.

“For a sissy the arousal is very important for her lips. Now I apply a lip balm for some minutes.

It’s time to remove the lip balm. Let me apply the lip liner. I apply now the lipstick, a nice pink lipstick. A little more arousal and the second coat of lipstick. In your case I have select the lip liner and the lipstick almost the same color.

Another drop of arousal, open your mouth, close your lips around my finger and I pull it out.

I, gently pull a tissue apart so that it is as thin as possible.  I press the sheet to your lips and lightly dust it with a translucent setting powder. After applying it, the third coat of lipstick. More arousal and the final touch. Pink lip gloss.

Let me see, yes, perfect shimmery, shiny fuckable lips.

I think is time you look at this nice and fantastic sissy face of you. Do  you really recognise yourself on it?”

Wow, she really looks fantastic. And she likes it, oh yes, I see how she is opening her pretty mouth and moves her tongue in a sexy way and plays with it. She is really beginning to think as a sissy and waiting for a big hard cock to suck.



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