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Miss Tammy brings a cart and I’am loaded on it, continuing with my kneeling strappado and my ring gag. Then they heeled me out to the lobby and let me in display. t is written: This bitch loves hard cocksucking, deepthroat and swallow cum. 

My bitch tail keeps wagging and a lot of men are quickly around me.  A man with a big black cock pushes it through my ring gag and another man puts his hands at the back of my head and pushes the cock deep in me.

OMG, it’s really big and he begins to move his hips, in and out, in and out, and the man with the hands on my head helps him following the rythm, and suddenly the cock is inside my throat, this long and big cock is completely inside me and his balls are touching and pressing my chin. I use my tongue as I can with my that big cock. They are pumping for some minutes until he is ready and he shots several times inside my throat and in my mouth. I keep the cum and when he removes the cock, I swallow it.

It was hard and rough, and I’m exhausted, my mouth drools.

And then when I look in front of me I see that I’m not alone. A long queue is prepared to use my mouth and five are ready with they cocks ready and in display.

Something is sure, I will not be hungry and that my bitch tail will keep wagging..

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