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First Sara prepares the wig, a nice blonde medium length wig and then she begins to explain what she is doing.

“First I will begin with your wig, but let me remove your contact lenses, I think is better you can see your beautification step by step.

As you know, we got rid off any hair in your body and you are bald as reflects the mirror. Letting you bald is an option but not the option that sent me The Corporation. For that reason I have chosen that fantastic wig made with real hair. The Corporation has a glue, developed in the research department that will glue the wig to your hair as it were your natural hair. It will be impossible for the people to differentiate.

I have applied the glue and now I put your wig on your head, let me see, yes, it’s perfect. We wait a few minutes and the wig will stay on your head.”

We wait during several minutes and finally the glue has done it’s effect.And she proceeds to brush it and comb it to arrange the hairstyle.

“Look at the mirror, this is you and you don´t have make-up . What do you think about your wig, looks real? Now I grab your hair and stretch it. What do you feel? Do you feel the same pain as you had real hair?”




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