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I walk back from my little text session with Brandy. “Sorry about that sweetheart,” I say as I continue.

Looking over the eyes I doublecheck my work.
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Satisfied with the look I decide to go with a youthful look on you. I apply foundation to your face, not much as I want the natural beauty I see to come out. I don’t want this to look fake. I want everyone to see the beautiful young girl I see hiding within you. After the foundation I apply just the smallest amount of blush to your cheeks. Next I apply a beautiful soft pink lipstick to your lips.

Picture perfect. Stand up and remove your top and bra please, I say. “Trust me you are going to love what is next, I know I enjoy watching a girl discover what is going to happen as much as they love it.” I lean in close and sexily whisper in your ear, “And dont think of trying to look in a mirror. I want you to remain clueless as to what I am doing to you until the big reveal. I want you to have to take it all in at once. That’s my guilty pleasure.



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