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It’s time to stop playing with Stacey and to continue with her process. For the moment, it looks like she is accepting her fate and we don´t have innecesary outbursts from her. It’s better for her, because Clara and Lea would deal with the outburst, and Stacey wouldn´t like it and she wouldn’t be able to sit down for a time.

“Clara, would you be so kind to remove the handcuffs from Stacey? She has to dress up”

Stacey is now standing and the handcuffs are removed but I see she tries to be in tip toe. I take her pink slippers and hand them to her.

“I’m sure your feet are loving your pink slippers. You will love to use heels, Stacey.”

I go to a closet and take a negligee

It’s really short, showing her chastity belt, she will show part of her beautiful tits and when she presents her bottom, well, the negligee has a creative design. Halt of the bottom, the lower part is on display. This negligee with show her jewellery (the collar and the plug) in a perfect way.

She puts it on, she tries to protest at the beginning, but a look to Clara and Lea made her change her mind.

“Stacey, you look really great, your body is fabulous. It’s time we continue your process to be a sissy. Because you are behaving I will not handcuff you. If you think to do something stupid like try to escape, think better twice, Clara and Lea would be very happy to teach you a lesson.  “


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